Crown Heights Mechanchim Showered With Appreciation

Hundreds of mechanchim took part in the bi-annual Chasdei Lev distribution, receiving subsidized food, paper goods, cleaning materials, gifts for the children, and separately, subsidized daled minim sets from Igud Melamdim.

By Malky Weinstock

You know the drill. It’s the first day back at school and you eagerly wave your children goodbye as they board the school bus. You return home and relish the peace and quiet, take the time to dive into that new project that’s been waiting for the right moment, that new book that’s been laying on your coffee table, or head out to the door to a Shiur. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that just blocks away, your child’s mind is expanding with Divine, holy knowledge, he’s being loved, cherished and cared for. 

Peace of mind is essential to being able to thrive. And good teachers can’t afford not to have peace of mind. The more we’re called-on to give, the more we need to strengthen our inner fortresses. Teachers know that in order to keep nurturing their students, they strengthen themselves; physically and spiritually. 

But there’s nothing like being valued by the recipients of your kindness. There’s nothing like being held in the hands of a loving, appreciative community who sees your value and dedication and shows up to cheer you on. And who better to celebrate with consistent acts of nurturing and care than our dear teachers? That’s where Igud Hamelamdim comes in. Our job is to celebrate teachers all year long. 

As is a yearly tradition, hundreds of cars pulled up to Aviators Complex at the start of Tishrei as tens of student-volunteers on behalf of Chasdei Lev, loaded up the trunks with food, paper goods, cleaning materials, gifts for the children and other Yom Tov necessities without so much as lifting a finger. Adults and children from across Brooklyn came out to volunteer and display their admiration for their community leaders.

In addition to their partnership with Chasdei Lev to provide household goods for Yom Tov, Igud Hamelamdim also offered subsidized Lulav and Esrog sets for Mechanchim and their families. When Pesach rolls around, all the food and household items are distributed once again. 

Rabbi Avrohom Bluming of Igud Hamelamdim says that showing up and displaying our support for teachers is an all-year-long endeavor.

“Our mission statement at Lubavitch Chinuch organization Igud Hamelamdim is to provide for the Mechanchim year-round. Many people have a custom of showing appreciation for teachers at the end of the school year with small gifts and notes. Our job is to show up for our teachers in a consistent, constant, measurable way, to respect and recognize the tremendous  value that they bring to our children’s lives and to the whole of Klal Yisroel.”

Perhaps the most beautiful part of the twice-yearly grants is seeing how the community shows up to assist.

“When the community gets involved, everyone gains”, says Rabbi Bluming.

He remarks how a member of the community who drives a truck offered to help bring supplies to and from the event. After the event, he says he received a myriad of phone calls for business opportunities.

Let’s show up for our teachers in the way that we, with the power and voice of a community, can. You can get involved in supporting teachers as they support our children day-in and day-out, all year long. Showing our Mechanchim that you care.

Help us support our Mechanchim by partnering with Igud Hamelamdim.
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