Crown Heights Matzah Bakery Already Gearing up for Pesach

The famed Matzah Bakery of Crown Heights is already preparing for Pesach, drawing mayim shelanu from the well near 770 and baking matzos. The CHK hechsher, which was frozen for a short while, was reinstated. 

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The famed Lubavitch Matzah Bakery of Crown Heights is already preparing for Pesach 5784, even as the calendar shows the month of Teves.

Every few days, a van pulls up to 770 to draw water from the well in the courtyard, to fulfill the halachic requirement of mayim shelanu. After sitting untouched for a night, the water is then used the next day for baking matzos.

On Wednesday, the CHK kashrus agency of the Crown Heights Beis Din announced that the Matzah Bakery was again under its hasgacha.

The CHK hechsher had been frozen for a short while, and today, it was reinstated, according to a press release sent to by Rabbi Yosef Kirszenberg, CHK Kashrus Director.

“Matzos with the CHK symbol on the box are under our supervision for Pesach,” he wrote.

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  1. In the first letter it said all Matzah made till then was not kosher. What happens to the 50 thousand pounds of Matzah that the first letter said was not kosher.

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