Crown Heights Hatzalah Purchases Second Lot for HQ

With incredible hashgacha protis, the property right next door to Hatzalah of Crown Heights’ planned HQ became available, allowing them to double the size and plan even bigger.

With incredible hashgacha protis, Hatzalah of Crown Heights had their logistical challenges become a lot easier when a second lot became available adjoining their building site.

With a full-scale building campaign underway, the mindset has shifted and expanded from ad hoc basement locations and outdoor ambulance parking to a permanent location, with proper resources to accommodate the professional organization Hatzalah has become. 

But even with all the professionalism, one challenge far beyond any individual’s power is the quintessential Brooklyn problem: space. The building will certainly be state of the art and packed with every resource available, but there’s only so much one can do with the tight space one Brooklyn lot can afford. 

Indeed, the architects tasked with drawing up the plans spent significant time and energy scratching their heads to figure out a plan to accommodate quick entry and exit for the ambulances. After all, Hatzalah’s hallmark feature is its lightning-quick response time; when a life is in danger, literally every second counts. If an ambulance must maneuver through a tight spot or slow down to slip out like a cork out of a bottle, precious time is lost. 

While an adequate plan was put in place, it remained a challenge. 

Until just recently, when the unthinkable happened. The property right next door became available, doubling the size of Hatzalah’s future HQ overnight and improving what was until now a rapid response, to b’ezras Hashem a supersonic one. 

The generous response of the community during the Hatzalahthon events put Hatzalah in position to capitalize on this incredible opportunity, and no doubt the community will continue to support this vital endeavor to its conclusion. 

While this exciting development will temporarily slow down Hatzalah’s building project, it will iyH be well worth the delay, allowing for a facility that will enable Hatzalah of Crown Heights to serve the community in the most efficient possible manner, in line with the needs of our continuously growing shchunah.

To join the ongoing building campaign visit 

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