Crown Heights Hatzalah Building Makes Huge Leap Forward

Exciting developments are underway at the Hatzalah HQ in Crown Heights with the release of a new rendering for a state-of-art Hatzala building on Albany Avenue.

As seen in a just released new rendering, exciting developments are underway at the Hatzalah HQ in Crown Heights. It wasn’t too long ago that Hatzalah announced to the community that after many years of functioning out of many ad hoc locations scattered around the neighborhood, a prime location for a state-of-art building had been secured. The community rallied around the cause, and before long, the lot on Albany Avenue was the scene of celebration and expectation.

Since then, there has been much activity behind the scenes to make the plans a reality. Undeterred by the various challenges that came along the way, the Hatzalah team is proud to announce that they have successfully navigated each one. First it was the need to completely redraw the architectural plans as a result of dreaming bigger and purchasing the adjacent corner building next door. Then there was the issue of squatters and the subsequent complex process of evicting them.

While there may have been daunting moments along the way, as it is with any noble effort, our Rebbeim’s promise that, “Chazakah letaamulah she’einah chozeres reikam—we can be guaranteed that hard effort will eventually bear fruit” stood by the Hatzalah team the entire time. And Baruch Hashem, that guarantee has paid off, and they are now poised to finally proceed and make the dream of a centralized headquarters a reality.

This is, of course, exciting news for every person who has been affected by Hatzalah, as well as those who simply go about their lives with the peace of mind that should they ever need it, Hatzalah will always be there for them. Indeed, Hatzalah IS always there for anyone who makes the call. Rain or shine, hail or sleet, night or day, Shabbos or weekday—they’re always available 24/7 to drop everything and run to save yet another life.

Baruch Hashem, with all hurdles out of the way of this exciting dream for a professional home, Hatzalah is poised to not only continue being there for the community, but to do so on an entirely new level!

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