Crown Heights Gemara Shiurim to Hold Joint Siyum

Several Crown Heights Gemara Shiurim will join Monday for a grand Siyum and Seudas Mitzvah marking the completion of Masechta Yuma.

As many daily Gemara Shiurim finish learning Masechta Yuma, a grand siyum celebration will be held of all the Shiurim which take place in Crown Heights.

The Shiurim which are participating are Anshei Lubavitch – taught by Rabbi Shmuel Rozenstein, Bais Eliezer Yitzchok – taught by Rabbi Hershel Lustig, Chevra Shas – taught by Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer, Torah UTefila (Shain’s Shul) – taught by Rabbi Zalman Shanowitz, as well as Shiurim by Rabbi Shlomo Holtzberg, Rabbi Fishel Oster, and Rabbi Shea Werner.

As per the Rebbe’s directives to have daily Siyumin during the Nine days, the Siyum will take place Monday, July 12th -3 Av, at Lubavitch Yeshiva Crown Street. Mincha – 7:30 PM, Siyum 8:00 PM, followed by Maariv.

The Siyum will be followed by a lavish festive Seudas Mitzvah.

The event is being sponsored by Rabbi Shloimy Greenwald and Rabbi Beryl Junik of Crown Heights, in conjunction with Tzeirei Hadaf, Irgun Torah, and the Association of Crown Heights Shuls.

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