Crown Heights Family Dealing with Mental Health Crisis

A family from Crown Heights is in need of your support as they deal with a severe mental health crisis as two members of the family require urgent psychiatric care, not covered by medical insurance.

Dear Friends and Community,

We ask for your support during this difficult time, as a family in Crown Heights deals with a severe mental health crisis. When a member of the family reached out to Righteous regarding their situation where two members in the family require urgent psychiatric care, not covered by medical insurance, we knew we needed to help. One family member actually overdosed three weeks ago in a suicidal attempt.

As you can imagine, a devastating situation like this comes with a lot of baggage, and the medical and therapy expenses have been overwhelming, putting the family in serious debt. In addition, the shame and public scrutiny that they may now face will be alleviated if they are able to handle the tremendous expense burden.

We are reaching out to ask for your help in covering the cost for our fellow community member. Any contribution, big or small, would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider DONATING to this campaign to help us give the family reprieve from the financial hardships they are facing. They want their two kids to get well, and with your financial contribution, they will be one small step closer to getting the help so desperately needed. Mental health in the Jewish community is an extremely important and underdiscussed top.

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