Crown Heights Families Invited to Join Mivtza Matza

Looking for a way to make the stressful Pesach prep more meaningful? Chabad of Sheepshead Bay has got you covered.

Looking for a way to make the stressful Pesach prep more meaningful? Chabad of Sheepshead Bay has got you covered.

Throughout the year, at every opportunity, Chabad of Sheepshead Bay has provided the Crown Heights community with the opportunity of going on Mivtzoim. Prior to each Yom Tov, the Mivtzoim committee works tirelessly to create a seamless and enjoyable Mivtzoim opportunity for all parties involved. The goal is simple, make the Rebbe’s vision of bringing Yiddishkeit to every Jew come alive. And who better to carry out this mission than the local Crown Heights community themselves.

With each Yom Tov the operations grew extensively, as more of Anash participated, more and more Yidden were reached. So many participants returned to share the meaningful interactions they experienced.

Being that Sheepshead Bay is heavily populated by Russian Jews, Pesach presents a unique opportunity. Many Yidden who are uninterested in every other Yom Tov are suddenly filled with warmth and excitement towards the opportunity of celebrating Pesach. One lady excitedly shared that every Erev Pesach she bakes Matzah in her house because she remembers that back in Russia her mother would secretly acquire Matzah for Pesach.

Calling forward the Crown Heights community to participate in this uniquely beautiful opportunity. Everything you need is already taken care of. The Matzah, Pesach guides and routes are all pre-planned. All you need is a warm smile and passion in your heart.

Come join us in bringing a michla d’miheimenusah to the Yidden of Sheepshead Bay so that they too can experience Yetzias Mitzrayim this year.

Mivtzoim supplies pick up times: 

Thursday between 4 – 6 pm

Sunday 11 Nissan between 11:30 am – 1:30 pm, 3:30 – 6:30 pm

Pick up location: 1408 President St – corner Kingston

For more details please contact: Yisroel +1 347 349 4152

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