“Crown Heights Families Aren’t Collecting on Kingston Avenue”

In an open conversation with Anash.org, R’ Yosef Yitzchok Kratz, one of the activists for Keren Anash, explains why we all should give our Matonos Lo’evyonim to a local tzedaka fund.

Purim day is marked by many mitzvos and celebrations. But one of the most important elements of the day is Matonos Lo’evyonim. 

Walking up and down Kingston, one can find many people to whom one can give tzedaka. But, says Crown Heights activist R’ Yosef Yitzchok Kratz, that doesn’t tell the full story.

“Crown Heights families aren’t collecting on Kingston Avenue. Families who are behind on rent or mortgage payments and are on the brink of eviction, are ashamed to stand on street corners asking for handouts. These people rely on discreet funds to provide them with the lifesaving support they so desperately need.”

Kratz has gotten involved with the fund a decade ago and sees the tremendous need in the community. The fund, started by 770’s first gabbai, R’ Yochanan Gordon, over seven decades ago, helps tens of families on an ongoing basis. 

“We are used to thinking of evyonim as poor people asking for handouts. But that’s not necessarily the case. Often, families who are deeply in debt are embarrassed and they maintain a respectable image. Our fund allows them to get the help they need while keeping their dignity.”

Donate today to Keren Anash and help a Crown Heights family.

Click here to donate and help Crown Heights families.

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