Crown Heights Gathers for Final Hakhel for the Year

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Hundreds gathered in 770 for a final grand Hakhel to conclude the year, with speakers sharing words of inspiration about how to take Hakhel into the coming six years.

Following the overwhelming success of the many Hakhel events this year, a final Hakhel gathering was held at 770 Eastern Parkway for the wider Crown Heights community and guests.

The Hakhel gathering was held on Sunday evening, 24 Elul/ September 10, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. There was separate seating for men and women in the downstairs shul of 770.

Rabbi Shmuel Butman, Director of Tzach, spoke about Hakhel’s on the individual, and Rabbi Aaron Ginsberg, shliach in Boro Park, shared how to keep the lessons of Hakhel alive for always.

Also speaking at the event was Rabbi Yosef Braun, rav of the Crown Heights community.

As no Hakhel is complete without the participation of the ‘taf‘, a special video presentation for children by My Maor was also played. The children entered raffles for a scooter, drone and seforim.

“This gathering was arranged with one thing in mind, gathering to fulfill the Rebbe’s hora’a for Shnas Hakhel,” said organizer Rabbi Mendel Gerlitzky. “We hope that in this zechus we will merit the ultimate Hakhel gathering led by our Rebbe in the Bais Hamikdash.”

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