Crown Heights Boys Complete Entire Seder Noshim in Free Time

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A beautiful mesibah this past Sunday recognized the boys who participated this year in Mishnayos Gavriel program, including the boys of Kitah Zayin who completed the entire Seder Noshim.

Mishnayos Gavriel is one of the unique projects of Igud Menahalei Yeshivos seeking to further Limmud Hatorah amongst the boys of our shechuna. It is a branch of Yeshivas Erev Yehudah Kalman that was founded to perpetuate the memory of HaShluchim HaRav Gavriel Noach and Rivka Holtzberg hy”d.

During the course of the year select talmidim of the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades from Oholei Menachem, Ohr Menachem and United Lubavitch Yeshiva of Crown Street learn Mishnayos every evening with a talented magid shiur. The goal is to learn as many mishnayos as possible in Sedarim not covered in the Yeshiva. After learning the mishnayos bifnim the talmidim take a written test after each two perakim. They then receive a monetary deposit into their G’mach Gavriel Account. 

This year the boys of Kitah Zayin, Boruch Hashem celebrated their siyum on the entire Seder Noshim. At a beautiful mesibah which took place this past Sunday afternoon 29 Sivan in Oholei Menachem, all of the boys who participated this year in Mishnayos Gavriel were recognized. Present were the parents, zaydes, and the principals of the Yeshivos. Rabbi Hershel Lustig and Rabbi Yosef Wolf inspired the boys and all who attended with their divrei chizuk. Shneur Zalman Vigler recited tehillim and Dov Perman said the Hadran  – a Sicha from the Rebbe. 

Rabbi Zusy Sorkin, the devoted coordinator of Yeshivas Erev and Mishnayos Gavriel,  awarded each of the talmidim of Kitah Zayin with a special certificate testifying to the completion of the entire Seder Nashim  The maggidei shiurim were recognized for all their efforts providing  the boys with a true love for Limud Hamishnayos.

All of those who attended walked away with a new chayos in Mivtza Torah that the Rebbe wants from each and every Chosid. 

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