Crown Heights Begins Week with Torah

In honor of Chodesh Elul, many residents joined the eight Sunday morning kollels across Crown Heights, starting off the week with Torah learning.

Lekovod Chodesh Elul, To increase in Torah learning and start off the week inspired and connected, you can join a local Sunday kollel learning program.

These Kolels take place on Sunday mornings in several different Crown Heights locations. Below is the schedule. Locate your Shul and go learn.

Merkaz Avreichim (466 Albany Ave)
Rabbi Fishel Oster
7:45-8:15 AM Chassidus
8:15-9:00 AM Daf Gemoroh

Anash Shul (770 Montgomery) 
8:30 AM- Shacharis
9:15-9:45 AM- Halacha L’iyunah based on Rambam of the week
לע״נ הרב יוסף יצחק ב״ר חיים שניאור זלמן שור ע״ה

Beis Gimpel (309 New York Ave)
8:15 AM – Sharachris 
8:45-9:00 AM Hot breakfast 
9:15-9:50 AM – Sugya & Halacha shiur based on Rambam of the week
9:50-10:30 AM – chavrusa learning
לע״נ הרה״ח הר’ מרדכי צבי בן הרה״ח הר׳ חיים יוסף שלמה גרינולד

Chevra Shas Beis Mordechai (398 Kingston) 
8:00 AM – Shacharis
8:45 AM – Shiur Halacha l’iyuna based on Rambam of the week

Nosson’s shul (534 Empire Blvd)
9:00 AM – Shacharis
9:45 AM – Shiur Halacha l’iyuna on Rambam of the week

Lincoln place Shul (1334 Lincoln Pl)
Rabbi Meyer Shushan
8:30 AM – Shachris
9:45 AM – Mishnayos / Halacha
9:15 – 9:45 AM – Chavrusa 

Beis Eliezer Yitzchok (394 Kingston)
8:00 AM – Shachris
8:45 AM – Rabbi Lustig Gemoroh Daf Shiur 
9:30 AM – Rabbi Golomb Tanya shiur

Rayim Ahuvim/ Tiferes Menachem (1614 Carroll St.)
7:00 -7:30 AM –  Rabbi Moshe Klein Chasidus
7:45 AM – Shachris
8:30-9:30 AM – Rabbi Levi Heller Gemarah Brochos

If your Shul is interested to join, or if you would like to give a Shiur, please email us [email protected]

For more local shiurim & podcasts visit and

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