Crown Heights Backed Candidates Likely Winners in Council Races

Crown Heights backed City Council candidates Crystal Hudson and Rita Joseph, hold comfortable leads over their primary opponents, according to new ranked-choice voting data.

By reporter

New York City’s Board of Elections released new ranked-choice voting data for more of the city’s primary races.

Crystal Hudson, the Crown Heights endorsed candidate for the 35th council district, and Rita C. Joseph, who received the second-place endorsement for the 40th council district, held onto sizable leads after ranked-choice votes were tabulated.

After all first-choice votes were counted on election night, Hudson led her opponent Michael Hollingsworth by 1,200 votes. Now, after ranked-choice votes were tabulated, her lead has grown to a comfortable 2,100 votes, nearly guaranteeing her eventual win once all votes are counted.

Hollingsworth, was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and joined the DSA in demonizing Israel, while silent about Hamas attacks on civilians and resulting street violence against Jews.

In her speech to supporters on election night, Hudson thanked the Crown Heights Orthodox Jewish community for their support, saying she was “proud to have them on my team”.

Eric Adams‘ lead in the Mayoral primaries narrowed considerably after ranked-choice voting data was released. Adams garnered 51.1% of the votes in the city’s 11th round of ranked-choice voting, while Kathryn Garcia’s tally stood at 48.9%.

But none of the latest tabulations incorporated absentee ballots, which may once again shift the rankings and final outcome. It will be a while before an official winner will be declared in any of the city’s races.

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