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The Semichas Chaver Program-Chabad in partnership with Irgun Torah of Crown Heights celebrated its first graduation on Sunday, with a festive gathering attended by family and friends.

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Photos: Yossi Fajnland/

The Semichas Chaver Program-Chabad of Crown Heights in partnership with Irgun Torah celebrated its first graduation on Sunday, with a festive gathering attended by family and friends.

A siyum celebrated the achievements of 10 individuals who successfully passed the test at the conclusion of the first semester of the Semichas Chaver – Chabad program.

Semichas Chaver (SCP) is an organization led by Rabbi Elyada Goldwicht that provides a curriculum to teach in-depth halacha classes. The program is currently in over 120 locations with over 2,000 weekly talmidim. The classes are a text based study of the background and underlying principles of the halacha. The curriculum starts with the Gemara and Shulchan Aruch and follows the chain of the halacha to the contemporary Poskim.

Semichas Chaver – Chabad (SCP-Chabad) is a branch of Semichas Chaver directed by Rabbi Betzalel Bassman and Rabbi Avrohom Jacks. SCP-Chabad is working in conjunction with numerous Lubavitcher Rabbonim to adapt the curriculum to follow the opinions of the Alter Rebbe, Tzemach Tzedek and Chabad Poskim.

The curriculum is approximately a 7-year program divided into 6-month courses. Each 6-month course is an independent study. After each 6-month course, the students review the material and take a test. Those that pass the test receive a prestigious Semichas Chaver plaque signed by leading Rabbonim in the world and Chabad. SCP-Chabad is endorsed by HaRav Gedaliya Oberlander and HaRav Yehoram Ullman.

Starting this week, the next 6-month z’man will include the topics of Bishul, Shiya, Hatmana, and Chazara.

Irgun Torah offers the Crown Heights community the following SCP shiurim:

Rabbi Michoel Lerner’s shiur takes place Sunday mornings, at Lefferts Shul, 672 Lefferts Ave, 10:15 am.

Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz‘s shiur takes place every Thursday night at Mishkan Moshe, 580 Crown Street, at 8:20 PM

For more info or to register visit

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