Crown Heights Activist Honored by Moldavian Government

The Ministry of Health of Moldova recognized the work of Rabbi Lazer Avtzon of the Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network for his contribution to the hospitals in the country.

Moldova’s Ministry of Health awarded certificates of recognition to a local shliach and a Crown heights activist for their assistance to the medical community in the country.

The certificates recognized the contributions of Rabbi Lazer Avtzon of Crown Heights and Rabbi Zushe Abelsky of Moldova.

Over the past year, tens of thousands of refugees from the Russian invasion of Ukraine have fled to Moldova, putting a strain on the country’s resources. Many of the country’s medical centers have also struggled with the influx of Ukrainian refugees and their medical needs. Supplies of medical equipment have been sent to them by the Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network, headed by Rabbi Avtzon.

Another shipment arrived this week, and the certificates were presented at a reception where the Jewish community delivered the medical supplies to the hospitals.

Guests at the event included representatives from the local health ministry and the top brass of the local ‘Institue of Emergency Medicine’, as well as Rabbi Mendy Axelrod, who accepted the two certificates on behalf of Rabbis Avtzon and Abelsky.

The assembled praised the work of the Jewish community and their help to the locals and refugees, saying that they are a “living example of caring for another.”

“Your community was the first that stepped up for the refugees, and now you are stepping up for those who are ill as well, and for that we thank you,” they said.

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