Crown Heights Activist Celebrates 60th Birthday with Farbrengen

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Rabbi Lazer Avtzon celebrated his 60th birthday on Wednesday night with a celebratory farbrengen attended by friends, relatives and shul members.

Rabbi Lazer Avtzon celebrated his 60th birthday on Wednesday night with a celebratory farbrengen attended by family, shul members, other Crown Heights shul rabbis and askonim, shluchim, friends, and neighbors.

Guests at the farbrengen represented a diverse group of people, reflecting the multi-faceted activities of Rabbi Avtzon.

Rabbi Avtzon is the founder and director of the Global Jewish Assistance and Relief Network, which helps and supports shluchim around the world, founder and director of the Association of CH Shuls, Rav of Merkaz Sefarad Chabad and the greater Sephardic community of Crown Heights, President of President Plaza Condominiums – the building in which the Rebbe and Rebetzin initially resided, communal activist, friend and mashpia to many.

Uriel Pinson, a close friend and neighbor, recounted stories from his recent trip to Israel to support the soldiers and families affected by recent events.

Rabbonim and community activists included; Yacov Behrman, Rabbi Yitzchok Cohen, Gadi Hershkop, Rabbi Mendy Hershkop, Avi Lesches, Rabbi Meir Shushan, Rabbi Moshe Raitport, Rabbi Yossi Rapp, Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm and others.

Shimon Mockin and Shea Morozov, both of whom were on shlichus to Morocco with Rabbi Avtzon in 1983-84, represented the kvutza.

Rabbi Avtzon spoke about the need to make every moment count and that our days should be full of accomplishment, the need to increase in Ahavas and Achdus Yisroel, committing to increase his outreach and activities in the coming years, until the immediate Geulah Shleima now, Amen.

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