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Oholei Yosef Yitzchak Lubavitch Boy’s School has succeeded in building a place where students excel and go on to become leaders. Be a part of it!

Oholei Yosef Yitzchak Lubavitch Boy’s School of Manchester, UK, or OYY as it is affectionately known, is a school that ensures that each child is given the social, emotional, and academic skills they will need to thrive and influence the world for the better. It nurtures the goodness within each talmid and recognizes the inherent quality that beats within the heart of every Jewish child.

The school continuously invests and develops. It has grown into a happy and forward-facing safe space for children’s solid goodness to be nurtured.  

It took time. It took restructuring, introspection, staff training, and open honesty. With all the hard work and the Aibershters help, the school has been transformed. It is currently a source of stability, pride and joy to the Anash and the wider community.

The learning has become about celebrating each student individually. Each child is given a personalized set of objectives that play to their strengths. With a combination of technological and pedagogical techniques, each student is assured of success, whatever their academic ability.

Staff members receive regular training, so they are up to date on the latest advancements in chinuch and emotional development. The lessons are dynamic and engaging, and the students are given quality attention and care.

With the advent of Covid-19 and classroom-less school, the school has embraced the technological changes and continues to implement them even now that they are returned to in-person schooling.

The parent body is a deeply supportive and appreciative pillar, forming a harmonious partnership with staff and administration so that the talmidim can excel.

The school prioritizes the student’s emotional health and ensures that their voices and concerns are heard. There are readily available lockboxes in which the talmidim can drop anonymous notes to share about anything that concerns them. The principal makes himself available to discuss any fears or issues a student may feel. The safety and the wellbeing of each child is paramount.

OYY’s talmidim are provided with a strong background in both kodesh and chol, catering segments of the community. They rank higher in chol studies than the national average. Each talmid takes their GCSE’s so they can continue their educational and professional life with a diploma and the foundations they need.

Incredibly, the high quality of the chol program does not at all detract from the kodesh department. The chassidishe atmosphere is pervasive and can be felt in every aspect of school life.

OYY produces talmidim who possess top-quality education and have ingrained hashkafos and chassidishkeit with a Hiskashrus to the Rebbe that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

The school has earned praise from other schools, mechanchim, and rabbonim in the area who express their delight in OYY’s achievements and look to it as a paradigm of stellar chinuch.

OYY wants to continue with greater energy and achievement.

They are now holding a Charidy campaign to raise money to continue their efforts to improve the chinuch of their precious talmidim.

You can be a part of this remarkable endeavor by donating here.

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