Course Teaches Halachic View on Contemporary Issues

The world has seen a renewed focus on the scientific and medical field during the past months. Rabbi Faitel Levin’s post-semicha program teaches how to view these developments through the lens of Halacha.

With the world’s renewed interest in the scientific and medical field, the accuracy and availability of information is on everyone’s mind. In the halachic realm as well, there has been a similar revolution. Medicine, technology, life cycle milestones and business structures have always been uniquely and prominently featured in Halacha, however as these fields have significantly progressed, it has become an even more relevant and fascinating part of halacha.

The rapidly advancing fields of science and medicine present modern-day halachic challenges to both Shluchim and Chassidim. It is imperative to know the Torah’s approach and the clear halacha on every issue, based on the rulings of poskim – particularly the gedolei haposkim of recent times.

The Beis Medrash for Advanced Contemporary Halacha, a project of Merkos 302, is proud to open registration for the upcoming academic year. This course of advanced study is intended for rabbonim, shluchim, temimim and anash who have already completed semicha, and want to broaden their knowledge in areas of halacha that are vital in our times. 

The one-year course includes over 50 in depth online shiurim from Rabbi Faitel Levin, acclaimed Rav and author in Australia. The immersive shiurim cover areas spanning all four sections of Shulchan Aruch, with special emphasis on subjects that are relevant in daily life.

This course will cover the entire spectrum of contemporary halacha and the major halachic issues that face the Jewish world today. From conversions to suicide; from divorces to autopsies; from mamzerus to electronics; from abortions to euthanasia; from intermarriage to the laws of a shul; from interest to internet; from fertility issues to officiating at a wedding.

With informative shiurim giving the necessary background in medicine, science, and technology, the course presents a unique window into halachic methodology. There is a rich and vast source material available to the student, charting the halachic process through the Gemara, Rishonim, Achronim and Tshuvos. 

Shiurim are accompanied with clear and modern powerpoint presentations, and address relevant issues while explaining the halachic application to the subject matter.

The program provides personal access to Rabbi Levin, with an active discussion forum via WhatsApp and private correspondence encouraged. 

Registration and Schedule:
Visit for details and registration.
Early bird discount included if you sign up before Rosh Hashana.
The course will begin Monday 8 Cheshvan 5781.

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