Coronavirus Update #43: Dozens of New COVID Cases

Coronavirus update for the Crown Heights community, from the Gedaliah Society and Dr. Eli Rosen: The number of new cases continues to rise and important reminders for the community.

We continue to have new cases here in our community. Tracking precise numbers is difficult due to underreporting; at this time we are aware of several dozens of cases, although we suspect there are more. The cases appear to primarily involve those in the younger age group, who have done well, although several older members of the community have also been affected; we continue to monitor their progress and pray for their speedy recovery. With few exceptions, the new cases have been in those who have not had Covid previously. It is too early and misleading to claim that the illness is lighter than it was at Purim time. What is true is that treatments have changed, and that these new approaches may well save many lives. 
As Covid continues to be present in our community, we would like to remind everyone to please continue to be mindful of the following:

If you are not feeling well, please stay home. Do not go to shul, socialize with others, etc. Adherence to this advice is probably THE most important public health measure that can be practiced at this time. Although we are generally used to going to shul, work, and school regardless of how we feel, changing this behavior for the time being and staying home is necessary to keep our schools open and shuls safe. 

Please get tested if you don’t feel well, and please follow the isolation/quarantine guidelines on our previous update. Remember that if you are not feeling well, isolate until you receive pending test results. Due to insensitivity of testing, those with suspicious symptoms require 2 negative tests before being declared disease free.  We do not recommend testing of asymptomatic persons at this time (even if exposed, as a negative test does not absolve one from quarantine).

Please wear a mask when unable to socially distance, for example in shul, in stores, and other crowded settings. It is clear that transmission of the virus will be reduced with universal mask wearing. 

If you are above age 60 or have underlying health conditions, please take special precautions during this time. Avoid crowded indoor places, avoid socializing with those who may place you at risk, and take care to optimize social distancing during this time. 

May we all be blessed with a gmar chasima tova and a year of only revealed good. 

– The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen

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