Coronavirus Update #42: Restart Outdoor Minyanim

Coronavirus update for the Crown Heights community, from the Gedaliah Society and Dr. Eli Rosen: Due to multiple new cases in Crown Heights it’s appropriate to restart outdoor minyanim, please postpone any planned trips to Crown Heights.

Over the past 24 hours we have become aware of multiple new cases of COVID here in Crown Heights, both in residents and those from out of town. This represents for the first time since Purim a very worrisome surge in new cases.  It is critical that those at risk for serious illness remain protected.It is time to restart outdoor and porch minyanim, to the extent feasible. Particularly for those above age 60 or with underlying health issues (including obesity).

Indoor shuls should consider additional minyanim to allow for increased distancing, and everyone should be wearing masks.

Those above age 60 or with underlying health issues – please avoid crowded places, especially indoors. In addition, as beautiful as hachnosas orchim is, for your own safety please consider not hosting those who attend crowded indoor places, such as 770.

Those who planned to visit Crown Heights in the upcoming weeks: Please consider postponing your plans for the time being.

If anyone has any COVID-like symptoms, STAY HOME. Arrange to get tested. Follow guidelines for isolation and quarantine (which mean the same thing but refer to different scenarios), detailed as follows:  

If you have covid, or suspect you have covid, you must isolate and keep yourself separate from other people. Isolation lasts until the following 2 conditions are both met. 1) 10 days pass from symptom onset (or positive test, whichever comes first), AND 2) One is feeling better, and is without fever, for a full 24 hours.  If you suspect you have covid but have two negative tests, you may discontinue isolation, unless told otherwise by your doctor.

Someone with covid or suspected covid is considered contagious starting 48 hours prior to their beginning of symptoms (or positive test, whichever is first), and until their isolation is over.

If anyone is in close contact with someone who is considered contagious according to the above criteria, they need to quarantine. (Close contact is defined as within 6 feet for 10 minutes, regardless of mask use.) Quarantine means to be kept separate from other people, and lasts for 14 days from the last point of close contact with the contagious person. Testing negative does not allow one to discontinue quarantine. If one were to test positive while in quarantine, they would follow isolation guidelines above.

– The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen

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