Corona Won’t Stop This Year’s Mitzvah Tank Parade

The Rebbe’s Tankistim are ready for this year’s Mitzvah Tank Parade to uplift a world in need of much light. Here’s how you can be a part of it.

We are thrilled to announce that preparations are well underway for the 46th Yud Alef Nissan Mitzvah Tank Parade! 

As Chassidim around the world are preparing their personal gifts to the Rebbe in honor of his 119th birthday, the staff at the Mitzvah Tank Office are excitedly and tirelessly preparing this year’s grand Mitzvah Tank parade, which will Bz”H be absolutely revolutionary! 

The images of the Rebbe smiling widely, waving, singing along, and encouraging the Chassidim remain deep in the minds and hearts of Chassidim, ringing a nostalgic tone, reminding them of the tremendous pride and joy that the Rebbe took in this very special gift.

This year is obviously different! Intense ramifications of the pandemic are still crippling normal life and causing everyone to remain closed down around the world, causing the streets to be a lot more empty.

The Mitzvah Tank Office will therefore make a special emphasis on social media, where the team will be posting and advertising heavily both before and during the parade, notifying the public on the tank locations, and where and when they can safely pick up their very own Matzah! 

The Mitzvah Tank office will also take all necessary precautions to ensure a Kiddush Hashem is made.

The Rebbe, after most fabrengens since the institution of the tank parades, would distribute dollars to all of the ‘Tankistim’ (the word he used to refer to those involved in the tank parades). 

YOU can become one of the Rebbe’s special Tankistim by contributing to the Charidy Campaign, which was started for the sake of the continuation of the Rebbe’s Tanks! 

The Mitzvah Tank Office is turning to YOU for much-needed financial support for both this parade and for future Mitzvah Tank endeavors!

Whether it’s Chanukah, Sukkos, Yud Alef Nissan, or even just a regular Friday, DOZENS of Mitzvah Tanks are storming the streets of NYC, spreading Yiddishkite to the world, in accordance with the Rebbe’s directives. 

Your contribution will enable the gifts to continue to be given, both to the Rebbe and, by extension, the entire world! 

We have the Tanks.
We have the drivers.
We have the Bochurim.
Now, We need YOU.

$100,000, March 21 – March 24, Matched 2x
Donate now at 

Be a part. Be a TANKIST!

Thank you in advance!
The Mitzvah Tank Organization, under the auspices of the Lubavitch Youth Organization.

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