Conference to Address Consequences of Online Learning

Merkos Chinuch Office’s upcoming Kinus will feature an address by Rabbi S. Zalman Kleinman on the unforeseen consequences of Zoom learning, and a keynote address by Rabbi Leibel Schapiro.

One of the ways learning was able to continue for most children, was through the on-line teaching provided by their melamdim. Of course, not all children were able to maintain interest when the teaching is remotely provided, but there was no better alternative and Chabad melamdim worked harder that ever to prepare interesting classes.

The down side which has resulted is that we have created a familiarity with the internet for our children and this exposure has created a serious challenge to both parents and their children; how can they mitigate its influence. While the Rebbe taught that the benefits of technology must be applied to study of Torah and performance of mitzvos, it nevertheless presents a challenge: how do we limit its influence to desired subject matter and limit possible access to the undesirable.

This is not an issue to be ignored. The Kinus Vaad, recognizing the possible perilousness of this exposure will present a talk Rabbi S. Zalman Kleinman, a shaliach in Miami who specializes in computer issues at the Lubavitch Education Center in North Miami Beach. This special session is meant to help schools and mechanchim understand how the new exposure to the internet has created a serious challenge to both parents and mosdos and how to mitigate its influence.

This session a must for all concerned Mechanchim.

HaRav Yehuda Leib Schapiro to Keynote at Kinus

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schapiro will give divrei chizuk to melamdim who reenter their classroom with much trepidation. Children have been out of the classrooms for six months and it is expected that their learning skills have regressed and that many of the values and behaviors of chinuch al Taharars Hakodesh will have be relearned.  Mechanchim will have to work harder than ever so it is no wonder that they are concerned.

Rabbi Schapiro who has been a rosh yeshiva for nearly 50 years and understands the difficulties mechanchim face is the perfect rov to address them.

Mechanchim should come way feeling the great zechus of teaching Torah and inculcating talmidim with the spirit of chassidus. Rabbi Schapiro is expected to inspire them to be able to cope with new facts on the ground and have a shnas hatzlocho.

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