Community Rabbonim Join Siyum Harambam in Côte S. Luc

Rabbonim from the Montreal community and a special guest from Eretz Yisroel joined a Siyum Harambam at Chabad of Cote S. Luc, headed by Rabbi Mendel Raskin.

By reporter

A grand Siyum Harambam was held this past Wednesday night at Chabad of Cote S. Luc in Montreal, headed by Rabbi Mendel Raskin.

Joining the siyum were mekurovim from the local community, and the program was geared especially for them, encouraging them to begin learning Rambam as well. Rambams with French translation were offered for sale at the siyum for those who wished to begin the study.

Addressing the siyum were rabbonim from across the city of Montreal, including Harav Dovid Sabba’h, Chief Rabbi of Quebec and Harav Dovid Banon, rov and dayan in Montreal. The siyum was made by Rabbi Shmuel Mellul, director of Yeshivas Yavne, and the haschala was made by Rabbi Saadia Elhadad.

The special guest of honor, all the way from Eretz Yisroel, was Harav Michoel Shlomo Abichid, the rov of the Chabad community in Ramat Beit Shemesh, and dayan on the Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch of France.

Leading the event was Shliach Rabbi Raskin, who strongly encouraged the participants to begin learning Rambam, as well as to study the Rebbe’s chiddushim on Rambam. Rabbi Raskin also distributed the sefer ‘Dvar Malchus’, which compiles the Rebbe’s sichos on the last two perokim of Rambam, to the rabbonim and to a number of participants.

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