Community Hosts Impromptu Bris for Hurricane Baby

When Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans, shluchim Yossi and Rivkie Chesney were left stranded just as they were about to celebrate their son’s bris. Atlanta shluchim, Rabbi Yossi and Dassie New, took over from there.

By reporter

It was a classic story of Yidden hosting fellow Yidden who suddenly found themselves stranded. A bit more unusual, though, was hosting the stranded family’s simcha at the same time.

Rabbi Yossi and Rivkie Chesney, shluchim in New Orleans, were blessed with a baby boy last week, just days before Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on their city.

The bris was scheduled for Tuesday, when suddenly they were left without power or water. They needed to evacuate, as it was unsafe for them to stay in New Orleans.

Immediately Rabbi Yossi and Dassie New, shluchim to Atlanta, stepped up to the plate. They reached out and invited the Chesneys to stay with them, assuring them that their son’s bris would be taken care of.

They hosted the simcha in their shul, helped with the logistics and put it all together in just one day. Members of the Atlanta community attended the bris to participate in the simcha.

Guests said it was beautiful to see the Ahavas Yisroel and care of one yid to another, and one shliach to another shliach.

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  1. Thank you so much to Rabbi Yossi and Dassie New for opening your home to us and for giving us the shul to make the bris! It’s been an overwhelming and stressful week but you made us feel so welcome and gave us the encouragement and koach we needed to get the bris done! Thank you also to the many Atlanta community members who sent over food, goodies and activities for the children!
    May you all be blessed with a gut gbencht yor, continued hatzlacha, gezunt, nachas and simcha, and a kesiva vachasima tovah!
    Bubby and Zaidy Shuchat

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