Common Cheese Confusions

There are a few cheeses on the market in which the same company will produce Cholov Yisroel Cheeses, as well as non Cholov Yisroel cheeses, and one can easily get confused. Rabbi Nissan Zibell of RCF Kosher compiled a list to help consumers make the right choices.

Compiled by Rabbi Nissan Zibell 

There are a few cheeses on the market in which the same company will produce Cholov Yisroel Cheeses, as well as non Cholov Yisroel cheeses.
Most of the companies do have different labels and brand names to differentiate between the Cholov Yisroel and non Cholov Yisroel cheeses. However, many times, the colors, fonts, and general styles of the designs are similar enough, that many people have been led to mistakenly confuse the two and assume that a non Cholov Yisroel cheese was really the Cholov Yisroel kind. 

Below are just some examples of cheeses that were unfortunately confused, leading to mistakes of consuming non Cholov Yisroel, and issues involving the need to kasher different equipment and utensils in the kitchen. 
The brands of cheeses – MigdalHaolam, and Millers are all owned by the same company, and produce cheeses with different brand names and labels. 

Only the Haolam label is Cholov Yisroel. The Migdal, and Millers labels are not Cholov Yisroel. Since the packaging of Miller’s or Migdal often may have similarity to the Haolam packages, there can definitely be confusion for one not paying proper attention, or for one who doesn’t know the difference between them. One needs to be careful to check the wording to make sure the product explicitly says Cholov Yisroel on it.

The brand Natural and Kosher which has cheeses that are Cholov Yisroel is the same company as the brand Les Petites Fermieres which is not Cholov Yisroel. Although these two also have different packaging and names, nevertheless, they still look similar due to their font, design and style, and many people have confused the two. One should also be aware that the OK certifies cheeses that are non Cholov Yisroel. A dairy product under the OK needs to specifically say Cholov Yisroel on it to confirm that it is so.

The brand Schtark, which is Cholov Yisroel and Oneg, which is not Cholov Yisroel, are the same company with different labels. They may look similar but one should be aware that only Schtark is Cholov Yisroel.

An additional company, The Cheese Guy, actually has the same name for both Cholov Yisroel and Non Cholov Yisroel, and the way to differentiate between the two, is to pay close attention to the wording on each label to see if it says Cholov Yisroel bear the OU or not.

Spring Valley as well has cheese blintzes which are Cholov Yisroel and non Cholov Yisroel. One should make sure to see that it says clearly Cholov Yisroel.

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