Coloring Book Teaches 28 Nissan Message

In honor of 28 Nissan, Beis Rivkah Montreal produced a special coloring book which contains a special Moshiach message for children. Download for free here on

Beis Rivkah Montreal will be giving out a special coloring book to students in lower elementary in honor of Chof Ches Nissan. This is in keeping with the Rebbe’s Bakoshoh Nafshis of “Tut Altz Vos Ir Kent” and his Hora’ah that each and every Yid should learn about Moshiach. They are pleased to share it with the readers of and encourage parents to print it out to read to their children this Shabbos.

“Twin Divers” is a kid’s story-coloring book for children ages 5 and up. The book was written in order to explain the point of “open your eyes” which the Rebbe strongly stressed, through a story adapted especially for children of that age. Their parents and older siblings will enjoy sharing the book with the kids.

The story is about two adventurous twins who set out on an innocent looking boat ride. What they don’t realize is that their father has an out of this world scuba diving trip in store for them.

The twins are soon amazed to see that the water which just moments before seemed so calm and dull is in reality bustling with life and activity. Their father then explains to them a most important lesson we can learn from this; that the world, which now hides G-d’s existence, is in reality filled with His presence. We just need to “open our eyes”. This, he tells them, will only fully be understood when Moshiach comes.

Click here to download.

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