College Students Experience ‘Taste Of Yeshiva’

College students from universities across the USA experienced a few days in yeshiva this past week at the Rabbinical College of America, learning and interacting with leading rabbis.

College students from universities across the USA experienced a few days in yeshiva this past week at the Rabbinical College of America – Tiferes Bochurim in Morristown, New Jersey.

Young men arrived from all over the world in record numbers to experience the four levels of Chassidus classes and four levels of Gemarah classes!

Among the many lessons were classes included the Kabbalah of Relationships with Rabbi Avraham Hersh Levin. Delving into Public Menorah Lightings according to Halacha with Rabbi Sholom Shuchat, Rosh Kolel L’horaah Ma’asis of Crown Heights. The Rebbe’s view of Mivtiom and Mivtza Chanukah with Rabbi Zalman Wilshansky, Rosh Yeshiva of Tomchei Temimim Morristown, and the legal aspects with Jonathan Lubin Esq.

Visitors got to interact with leading rabbis, among them Rabbi Manis Friedman, to whom one of the students credits his religious journey, and was thrilled to be in his actual presence. Rabbi Shais Taub gave a very passionate farbrengen on Hey Teves. Other featured speakers were Rabbi Shea Hecht of Orange CT, Rabbi Levi Laine of Vietnam, Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov of Beis Din of Crown Heights, and Rabbi Shalom Lubin of Parsippany, NJ for “Stump the Rabbi” Q&A session.

Students also experienced a beautiful farbrengen in Pamona with Rabbi Menachem Kirschenbaum director of the Avner Institute, and Rabbi Moshe Gourarie – Mashpia Bais Levi Yitzchok in Pomona.

Extra Curriculum Included: Master Chef Latke competition with Zalmo Silverman, Ice Skating at the Mennen Arena, Chassidic Art with Artist Rabbi Mendy Lewis.

Here are some actual quotes from the guests:

“Rabbi, I didn’t get to see you before I left yesterday, so I just want to say thank you! All the classes and activities were amazing! I feel more inspired than ever now and have a better understanding of what I want in life. All the best and hope to see you again soon!” – Charles Fruitman – Chabad of Vanderbilt.

“Wanted to thank you for everything this week! I had a fantastic experience and appreciate everything you did to make my first yeshiva experience a great one!” Peter Stielis – Chabad of Penn State.

“Rabbi, it was unbelievable, it was truly Gan Eden, it was actually very sad to leave. There was a lot that I learned in those seven days. And it certainly made a positive impact on me and my brothers. I can only imagine what full-time yeshiva can do to any student.

“I thank you and Rabbi Hertz and all who made this possible. It is not at all what I could’ve imagined” -Reese Salgado – Bnei Reuven, Chicago.

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