College Student Track of Brunoy Yeshiva Holds Grand Reunion

A decade after the Brunoy Yeshiva created a special track for university students who want to spend a year in yeshiva, alumni gathered for a grand Hakhel reunion. 

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A decade after the Brunoy Yeshiva created a special track for university students who want to spend a year in yeshiva, alumni gathered for a grand Hakhel reunion. 

With over 350 bochurim across all its divisions, Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim of Brunoy is the oldest and largest Chabad Yeshiva in Europe, and one of the largest in the world. Bochurim travel from across the globe to spend a year studying in the small commune, far from the city bustle.

But it’s not only Chabad bochurim who wish to study in the Yeshiva. Thanks to the shlichus revolution in France, the Yeshiva is approached every year by numerous shluchim, who ask them to accept a university student who they were mekarev and wishes to spend a year in Yeshiva.

These requests create a quandary for the Yeshiva staff. On one hand, a year in yeshiva does wonders, especially for these students. On the other hand, they are unable to join the regular yeshiva tracks, and some need to be taught the basics of Yiddishkeit.

To allow them to fill the need, the yeshiva created a special track for these students, called ‘Tiferes Menachem’ for any students who wishes to spend a year or even a few months, in yeshiva.

The effort proved itself, and the track became a magnet for students from all over France. High school graduates who want to study for a year in a yeshiva year before starting their university studies, and university students who wanted to take a few months or even a year off from their academic studies in order to study at a yeshiva, have passed through the yeshiva’s doors.

The change and impact of the time spent in yeshiva is immeasurable. Many students eventually integrated into the normal framework of the yeshiva, with no noticeable difference between them and the other bochurim.

On the tenth anniversary of the founding of the ‘Tiferes Menachem’ track, a grand reunion was held for all the alumni of the past decade. 80 alumni from across France made their way to Brunoy for an inspiring and uplifting event.

The event highlighted the immense effect the program had on its participants. Many of the participants now looked like born Lubavitchers, sporting kapotes, black hats and beards. They lead chassdishe lives, and their children learn in Chabad schools, all thanks to their time in Yeshiva.

During the event, held on Motzei Shabbos in the Brunoy Zal, many of the alumni took the opportunity to speak, sharing their gratitude for their time in the yeshiva that built and shaped their entire lives.

The director of the track, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Uzan, warmly welcomed the alumni. During his address, he thanked the menahalim of the yeshiva Rabbi Itche Nemenov and Rabbi Mendel Gurevich, the general secretary, Rabbi Shimon Lasry, as well as the other members of the Tiferes Menachem team for all that they invested in the program over the past decade.

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