Collapse of Communism Tanyas Retrieved for the Rebbe’s Library

Significant efforts by International Shochet Rabbi Eliyahu Ezagui have led to the retrieval of Tanyas printed in Russia and Kyiv during the years 5751-5753 (1991-1993) to be brought to the Rebbe’s library.

Significant efforts have led to the redemption of numerous editions of Tanyas printed in Russia and Kyiv during the years 5751-5753 (1991-1993). These editions, which were not previously included in the Rebbe’s library, have now been successfully recovered in Eretz Yisroel to be brought to the Rebbe’s library in New York.

The initiative was spearheaded by Rabbi Eliyahu Ezagui, the International Shochet, who worked tirelessly to ensure these precious seforim are added to the Rebbe’s Library at 770.

This achievement underscores the immense value and nachas that we can provide to the Rebbe through every sefer and collection of Torah insights that we present to him. It serves as an encouragement and a reminder of the significance of contributing Torah literature to the Rebbe’s library.

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