Sefer Torah Finally Usable

By Reporter

The unfinished “finished” Sefer Torah now can finally be used.

Some 14 years after being “finished,” Rabbi Yossele Gluckowsky finally, really finished the Sefer Torah that wasn’t finished and joyfully brought it into the shul to be read from – properly – for the first time.

At that time, a community in New Jersey commissioned a sofer in Eretz Yisroel to write a Torah for them. After an entire year of the sofers strenuous work, they were unable to follow through with its purchase.

Two years ago, Rabbi Yossi Gluckowsky, shliach to Closter, began a weekly Shabbos minyan. At that time, the Torah was given to the minyan to use.

As it turns out, the missing posuk was not a mistake of the sofer. He intentionally left it incomplete with the expectation that it would be filled in at the traditional Siyum Sefer Torah that immediately precedes the welcoming of a new Torah.

As it happens, that eventful Simchas Torah day was the first time this Torah was read from in the shul. If it hadn’t been taken out specifically for the reading of the final pesukim of V’zos Habrocha, the community could have gone on using a Torah that was never completed, chas veshalom.

Joining the joyous occasion of kesivas ho’oisyos was Tenafly head shliach Rabbi Mordechai Shain, educator Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz, Rabbi Yechiel Gluckowsky, shliach in Rechovot, and others.

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