Close to 10,000 March with Jewish Pride in Buenos Aires

In a massive turnout, 8,500 proud Yidden from all walks of life gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina to join the grand Lag Ba’omer parade organized by Chabad.

8,500 Jews from all segments of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, Argentina, participated in a grand parade and event in honor of Lag B’Omer, organized by Chabad of Argentina under the leadership of the head shliach, Rabbi Tzvi Grinblat.

The event included the participation of Chabad shluchim throughout the city, yeshiva students, and students from educational institutions. It was organized by Tzach and Tzivot Hashem.

A professional Argentinian marching band performed live music for the crowd. Yeshiva students prepared signs for their school and marched, and said pesukim with pride. A beautiful Rebbe video was shown to all, and the feeling of ‘Am Yisroel Chai’ powerfully reverberated through the streets.

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