Clearwater Chabad Buys Bank for New Center

Just in time for 11 Nissan, Shluchim to Clearwater, Florida Levi and Miriam Hodakov, are completing the purchase of a local bank they plan on converting into a $1,500,000 Chabad House.

As Chassidim around the world prepares for the Rebbe’s birthday on 11 Nissan Shluchim to Clearwater, Florida, Levi and Miriam Hodakov, are completing plans for a $1,500,000 gift to the Rebbe.

Chabad of Clearwater is in contract to buy a former Bank of America branch and turn it into a Chabad House. The closing was arranged for this Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the day the Mishkan was erected in the Midbar.

The more than one-acre site is a 4,000-plus square foot building, which “temporarily” closed in September 2021, and was declared permanently closed in March 2022. The spacious new facility will allow them to not only accommodate the current growth of our programs and services but to expand them as well.

Although the ATM is already gone, the drive-up feature will be maintained, so people can stay in their car and purchase kosher goods, and Judaica items such as mezuzahs, yarmulkas, and siddurim, or to drop off donations.

Rabbi Hodakov says that eventually, he hopes to add a kosher deli to the bank site and a mikvah, estimated to cost $500,000.

In the spirit of Hakhel we are inviting Anash and Shluchim from around the world to join us,” Rabbi Hodakov told “By participating in this special project you will also have a chance to win $10,000.”

The connection between purchasing a new Chabad House and 11 Nissan, was not lost on Rabbi Hodakov. In a Yechidus after Yud Shevat 5735, a few Baalei Batim told the Rebbe that they were thinking of acquiring a building for the Chabad House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Rebbe gave them a deadline: the groundbreaking was to take place by 11 Nissan of that year. 11 Nissan that year fell out to be on a Sunday. Rabbi Berel Shemtov related that “after some fierce negotiations, I shook hands on the deal about an hour before Shabbos!”

“48 years later, every Chossid has an opportunity to give the Rebbe a beautiful present for his birthday and help purchase a permanent Chabad House in Clearwater, FL,” Rabbi Hodakovsaid.

To take part in this special project, log on now to and make a donation of any size. Donations of $54 or more will be entered into a raffle for $10,000.

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