Classmates Surprise Fellow Shliach At Home in Nigeria

12 classmates of Rabbi Yisrael Uzan, Shliach to Abuja, Nigeria, surprised him by flying-in and pre-arranging a packed 96 hour Kinus alongside the virtual kinus.

Due to covid, this year’s kinus was rescheduled to take place in 5,200 different locations: in each Shliach’s home.

Rabbi Yisrael Uzan, Shliach to Abuja, Nigeria was planning to be in alone this year with his family. A far cry from the rejuvenating experience he would regularly experience at the Kinus in New York.

Realizing his predicament, his former Yeshiva classmates got together, and despite the never-ending logistical issues with getting in and around Nigeria managed to arranged a full 4 day kinus, aligned with the virtual kinus from Merkos, packed with courses, Farbrengens, and visiting the many different Chabad institutions that Rabbi Uzan has built, from the first 770 shul under construction in central Africa, Montessori Preschool, state-of-the-art Mikva, to the humanitarian schools he has built and much more!

The classmates, all Shluchim themselves, from all over France, came laden with over 1,500 lbs. of kosher meat, cheese, and other kosher products that are not readily available in Nigeria.

“This is our power. When we are b’achdus, we can overcome any challenge, even the hardest challenge of golus” said Rabbi Sholom Pinson, Director of Chabad Nice.

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