CKids Unveils New Magazine Making Judaism Personal

The first issue of the CKids Tzivos Hashem magazine came out this month, bringing together thousands of kids all over the world with a personal touch.

When Sarah wakes up and says modeh ani, she’ll check off that mitzvah on her Tzivos Hashem mission sheet. Sarah isn’t alone—thousands of other soldiers from Chabad Hebrew schools around the world will be doing it along with her. However, not always does Sarah have the opportunity to feel that she is part of the global Army of Hashem.

Now, thanks to the newly launched monthly CKids Tzivos Hashem magazine, “kids know they are part of something bigger,” says Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, CKids director. “We’re uniting and connecting Jewish children around the world.”

The magazine, developed by Ms. Risa Mond, includes its fair share of fun, with features such as “Kosher in the Kitchen,” a “Mitzvah Mystery” fun page, and a sci-fi serial story featuring a top-secret spy mission against the Yetzer Hara. 

But probably the most powerful pages are the updates from other Hebrew Schools. Engaging kids in a way that’s never been done before, the magazine reflects the global community of Chabad Hebrew School kids. 

A magazine for Jewish kids isn’t an entirely new idea. Fifteen years ago, Tzivos Hashem and Merkos launched the KIDS Magazine that every Shliach could personalize for their Chabad House. And of course, there’s the classic Moshiach Times which was personally edited by the Rebbe. Now CKids is bringing the magazine concept to the Hebrew School audiences with an added emphasis on making it personal. The kids will see their own friends featured in the magazine, allowing them to feel part of a personal and vibrant Tzivos Hashem community. 

“The magazine takes the different aspects of the local Shliach’s CKids educational offerings—Hebrew School, Tzivos Hashem, JewQ, and camp—and brings them all together in an exciting way,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. Part of the genius of the magazine is how it perfectly complements the monthly Tzivos Hashem rallies.

So far, shluchim are excited about the magazine, which comes ready to be personalized with each Hebrew School’s own information. Shluchim can print it themselves or have it printed professionally by CKids at a discounted price. “I added my own pictures and information about our upcoming Chabad House events,” says Esther Horowitz, director of the Hebrew School in Plano, TX. “It’s a great tool for keeping the Hebrew School community connected.”

Visit for more information about the magazine and all things CKids TH. 

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