CKids to Host the First In-Person Shabbaton In Over a Year

Hundreds of CKids members, their shluchim and families will get together for the first Shabbaton in America in over a year, at Bushkill Inn, Pennsylvania. The long-awaited three-day program will culminate with the annual JewQ International Championship on Sunday.

As one of the first events to be affected and subsequently run virtually due to Covid-19, CKids Shabbaton felt a strong desire and responsibility to be at the forefront of our return to everyday life.  

This burning aspiration drove the CKids organization to ensure that this year’s Shabbaton would not only be the first in-person Jewish conference held in America in over a year but that it would be the largest and the greatest iteration of the event yet.

“Nothing can ever really stop Jewish children learning about their heritage and their Torah,” explained Merkos Vice-Chairman Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky. While last year’s fantastic online program, arranged at the eleventh hour, “was an incredible feat” and turned out to be a great success, “we all want to see our children back together; healthy, happy, and united, leading the renewal that our families and communities so desperately need.”

To this end, the 5781/2021 CKids Shabbaton promises to be an extraordinary event while operating with the highest safety measures.   

The three-day extravaganza will bring together the champions of both this year’s JewQ contest, the participants of 5780’s pandemic curtailed event, and highly ranked members of CKids Tzivos Hashem division, along with their parents, Shluchim, and family to the Bushkill Inn, Pennsylvania.  

This well-equipped resort will play host to the hundreds of contestants as they and their families experience an authentic Shabbos experience together with the dedicated Ckids team. Starting with the bus trip from Crown Heights to the meals and discussions that will continue throughout the program, the kids will be immersed in an entirely Jewish environment that will be a rare and unique opportunity for many.  

“Spending a meaningful Shabbat amongst fellow Jews their age has an indelible impact on these children,” proclaimed Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, CKids Director. “It strengthens their connection to their Judaism, and you can even see the effects it has on their friends and family when they return home.”  

The weekend of inspiration, beginning on Friday 24th of Sivan/ June 4th, will culminate with the annual JewQ International Championship on Sunday. The participants will compete to display the Jewish knowledge they gained from the JewQ curriculum.  

The crowning of the newest JewQ champions is a time to celebrate not only the well-deserved winners but all those who worked diligently throughout the year and participated in the JewQ learning program across the country. 

Ckids and JewQ are a part of Merkos 302, the backbone organization supporting the Rebbe’s Shluchim.

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