CKids Summer Program Expands to Full Month Overnight Camp

60 campers who spent the past scholastic year in public school are signed up for a summer that will entertain them, inspire them and fill them with Jewish pride. This Gimmel Tammuz, join CKids Gan Israel in bringing the Rebbe’s vision to life.

Gan Israel Summer Camps were created with a purpose and a vision.

They were to be a place where children who spent the scholastic year in public school could have a chance to nourish their neshama and learn what it means to live yiddishkeit

And now, thanks to CKids Gan Israel, the Rebbe’s dream for Gan Yisroel has now become a reality in Florida. 

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky Vice Chairman of Merkos shared, “CKids Gan Israel brings the Rebbe’s vision to life, every single day. That is the secret to it’s tremendous success, in sheer numbers but, most importantly, in the tremendous impact that it has on every single one of its campers.”

In just one year, the pilot, 10 day program with 30 campers turned into a full month of summer camp attended by 60 excited campers.

“The camper’s days are grounded in their time spent in prayer and an exciting, interactive learning session. They then continue on to enjoy a jam packed day filled with exciting recreational activities both on and off campus.” Rabbi Levi Plotkin, Co-Director of CKids Gan Israel relates.

“The perfect balance of both learning and fun creates an environment in which campers are happy and open to learning from their counselors’ lessons, stories and, most importantly, living examples,” adds his wife Chaya Plotkin, who serves as the Co-Director alongside her husband. 

“My son attended CKids Gan Israel last summer. He came home proudly wearing his kippa and taught me about lighting Shabbat candles. It was a no-brainer that he would be attending Ckids Gan Israel again this year – we signed up on the first day that registration opened!” said Mrs. Kleiner, a parent of a child in CKids Gan Israel.

This Gimmel Tammuz, you can partner with CKids Gan Israel in the important, holy shlichus that they are carrying out by joining in their campaign.

CKids Gan Israel spares no expense when it comes to creating a summer experience that is both meaningful and memorable for each camper. In order to ensure that every child can experience a Ckids Gan Israel Summer, tuition is kept to a standard fee and the above standard product is heavily subsidised.

Over the next few days, CKids Gan Israel will be hosting a campaign to raise the necessary funds to fuel the dream as it, and its impact continues to grow!

Join today to help make the CKids Gan Israel magic happen! Click here to donate.

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