CKids Offers Resources to Camp Directors Across the Country

Following the success of last year’s Out of The Box CGI, CKids is launching CKids Camp resources 2.0, supplying shluchim with all they need to successfully run a fun and meaningful day camp for children.

Chana, shlucha to Springfield, relaxes with her cup of coffee, with a sigh of relief, glad that Pesach is all put away. She is looking forward to settling down to normal life, which “only” includes planning and executing a Lag B’omer event, keeping her Hebrew school running smoothly, and counseling women of all walks of life- all while making sure her five youngsters are warm and well cared for.

But there’s a niggling suspicion at the back of her brain that not all is as should be. She wonders what could be causing this subconscious uneasiness and gasps as the realization comes to her; camp is coming up in only a few short months! She panics as her mind runs through a mental checklist of all the things that should have been done yesterday to prepare for camp. 

Sound familiar? This is where CKids steps in. The CKids Camp resources for the summer of 5781 will set shluchim up for success. 

Shluchim will receive a daily schedule with exciting activities and interactive learning, complete with supply lists, templates, and digital instructions provided. Shluchim will also be provided with a marketing package to help promote their camps- including customizable flyers and social media materials.

With many trips and activities done in previous years no longer an option, camp directors are struggling to provide the same exciting experience as in past years. 

“Last year’s incredible resources were a lifesaver in the new reality we were thrown into,” says Rabbi Schneur Scheiman, camp director of CGI Chicago. “This year I’m looking forward to using the resources to fill in all that extra time which we now have due to limited programming and trips.”

The program fuses the camp theme and learning curriculum with the activities throughout the day, creating an immersive Jewish experience. “We are not in the camping business,” says Rabbi Zalman Loewenthal, director of CKids. “We’re in the Yiddishkeit business.” 

Every sort of specialty camp imaginable is available for kids in today’s day and age. What is it that keeps kids coming back to Gan Izzy, year after year? “We’ve asked ourselves this question numerous times,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. “Of course there is the warm and caring staff, and the joy and beauty of Yiddishkeit felt even by the youngsters; but the obvious answer is the Rebbe’s brachos. For some kids, camp is their only Jewish experience all year- let’s make it a meaningful and exciting one.”

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