CKids Gan Yisroel Releases “iMatter” Theme Song

Ckids Gan Yisroel, which imbues Jewish children with Torah and Mitzvos is a meaningful way, released a new song on this year’s theme of iMatter, sung by Yossi Rodal.

Ckids Gan Yisroel released a new song on this year’s theme of iMatter, sung by Yossi Rodal.

CKids Gan Israel is a place bursting with high energy, excitement and fun. It’s also a place that imbues Jewish children with Torah and mitzvos in the most meaningful way.

They put out a hit theme song to express these ideas. It was launched last week in camp and the kids are pumped. They’re excited and they’re dancing. And now, they are sharing it with the world.

This year’s theme is iMatter, and that is the theme of the song – that every kid can make a difference, even though they are just a child. No matter how old they are or where they are holding in life, they can make a difference in this world for the good.

At Ckids Gan Israel every child feels valued and that is why Ckids Gan Israel is their home, a place where they are comfortable and know that they matter.  

So turn up the volume and dance along!

Music and recording Studio by iZZy D JaY

Vocals and Lyrics by Yossi Rodal

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T.T.T.O. Uforatzta

I came to stay overnight
In moments it felt so right
my soul is so free
it’s my family
Warm up my Jewish heart
We are G-d’s work of art
I feel my true me
It’s the best place to be
Cuz Torah shows me who I am and where I come from
Torah tells me where to go and who I can become
dancing on the benches every meal’s a memory
No matter what, I matter, It’s my identity 
The friends, the vibe, the energy
I got exactly all I need, It’s so Geshmak to be a Yid
Mitzvahs I do, make Hashem’s dream come true
I know why I’m here, I’m proud to be a Jew
CKids Gan Israel, I know that, I’m not alone
don’t need to go anywhere, cuz I’m already home
Yomo Vokeydmo Tzofona Vonegbah 
Yomo Vokeydmo Tzofona Vonegbah 
This is my home, this is my home
Ckids Gan Israel, ye, this is my home

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