Ckids Gan Israel to Double Enrollment for Upcoming Summer

The pioneer Ckids Gan Israel overnight camp opening for its second summer season this June is set to double its previous enrollment. 

After the success of last year’s pilot program, which launched with 33 campers, Ckids Gan Israel is back for its second season.

Earlier this year Levi and Chaya Plotkin moved to Florida to fill this important need in a permanent way. This year’s enrollment opened with 60 spots—and most of them have been filled. In true Chabad fashion, the goal is to “keep growing exponentially,” says Mrs. Chaya Plotkin, co-director of Ckids Gan Israel along with her husband, Levi. 

The power couple has, with the help of Ckids International and Merkos 302, successfully created a Gan Yisroel sleepaway camp experience for boys, something that’s never been done before in the Florida area. “The goal is to give boys a taste of real, authentic Yiddishkeit,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Merkos. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience that will literally change lives.”

It’s been tried and the success is clear—last summer boys came home energized with a chayus for Torah and mitzvos. “The three kids from our community who joined last summer couldn’t stop talking about what an amazing time they had and how great the counselors were,” says Rabbi Asher Farkash, shliach from Daytona Beach. “It was life changing,”  adds Rabbi Pinny Andrusier from Cooper City.

The Rebbe spoke strongly about the impact a summer can have on a child’s neshama. Unlike Hebrew school or a holiday program, which is just a few hours and then it’s over, “this is 24/7 nonstop immersive Yiddishkeit,” says Rabbi Zalman Loewenthal, Ckids director.

The Plotkins have worked hard to design a summer experience where Yiddishkeit infuses everything that happens throughout the day. “In a camp, a lot of the success comes down to the right staff,” says Rabbi Yosef Biston, head shliach to North Broward and Palm Beach county, where the camp is based. “The relationship with a good counselor can carry these kids through to adulthood.”

Along with immersive Jewish experience, Ckids Gan Israel has a packed schedule planned with a wide range of activities, from ziplining and daily clubs to challah baking and late night ice cream parties.

“The goal is to recreate the energy and love of a local Chabad house,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302.

Shluchim are not only grateful that there is a place to send their kids, but also that Levi and Chaya Plotkin take full responsibility over every child signed up. 

“We had a few families that weren’t comfortable sending their children,” says Rabbi Raichik of Boynton Beach. “I had Levi call them and he had them convinced!”

“We are grateful for all the efforts in recruiting our boys,” adds Mrs. Keivman of Highland Park. 

The summer experience is almost sold out at this year’s CKids Gan Israel. With less than one week left, Rabbi Levi Plotkin, director, urges shluchim to call him right away with potential campers. “One phone call could mean a boy’s life is forever changed.”

If you know a boy in grades 4 – 8 that could benefit from a Jewish summer camp experience, please call Rabbi Levi Plotkin at 3474460479. 

Thank you to the following shluchim that are sending kids to CKids Gan Israel this summer:

Rabbi & Mrs Steinmetz 
Rabbi & Mrs Mangel
Rabbi & Mrs Adler 
Rabbi & Mrs Rosenfeld 
Rabbi & Mrs. Altein
Rabbi & Mrs Kaller 
Rabbi & Mrs Zibel 
Rabbi & Mrs Konikov 
Rabbi & Mrs Kazen 
Rabbi & Mrs Yarmush 
Rabbi & Mrs Andrusier 
Rabbi & Mrs Keivman 
Rabbi & Mrs Amar 
Rabbi & Mrs Elgrishi 
Rabbi & Mrs Minkowitz 
Rabbi & Mrs Goldstein
Rabbi & Mrs Dubrawski
Rabbi & Mrs Hertzel 
Rabbi & Mrs Vigler 
Rabbi & Mrs Biston 
Rabbi & Mrs Biston 
Rabbi & Mrs Raichik 

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