Ckids Gan Israel Publishes Campers’ ‘Torah Thoughts’

Campers at CKids Gan Israel compiled a booklet of Torah Thoughts based on their own answers to questions they are studying in their Torah classes.

Campers at CKids Gan Israel take their Torah study seriously. They delved into some of the deepest concepts in Judaism, and – they asked questions. With help and guidance from the Learning Director, they developed answers to their questions and a Kovetz Haoros was created.

The topic that they learned was “I Matter” – that every single Jew has a neshomo and can make a real difference in this world. Each Jew has a special mission and is sent to this world for a specific purpose – to do their part in making this world a better place and a dwelling place for Hashem.

In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, the staff made a hachloto to compile and print all the questions and discussions that came up during camp.

We know how much nachas the Rebbe received from the publishing of Kovtzei Haoros throughout the years and we hope that the Rebbe will derive great pleasure from the publishing of this Kovetz Haoros – CKids Gan Israel edition!

Click here to download the kovetz.

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