C-Kids Expands Shabbaton for 5782

At CKids, organizers get to see firsthand the incredible impact of their yearly Shabbaton. This year, with two amazing updates, every Jewish child can have access to this life-changing experience.

There is nothing as powerful for a Jewish public school child as a completely immersive Jewish experience. After spending several days surrounded by other Jews like themselves, entirely focused on nurturing their love for Yiddishkeit, the ripples are felt for the rest of their lives.

At CKids, organizers get to see this incredible impact firsthand at their yearly Shabbaton. Every year, after receiving the highest scores in their location, the JewQ finalists were treated to an exhilarating weekend in Crown Heights. One that they – and the staff – could never forget.

“Watching the children davening at the Ohel, lighting Shabbat candles, and singing Jewish songs with all of their might… There is nothing like it in the world!” shared Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, director of CKids. “But we wanted to do more, how could we share this experience with more Kids?” 

This year, with two amazing updates, every Jewish child can now have a Shabbaton to look forward to. For the first time, all JewQ contestants with an average score of at least 70% are eligible to join. Not only that, but kids can also qualify for the Shabbaton by completing 100 Tzivos Hashem Mitzvah Missions, making the experience so much more accessible to all children. 

Risa Mond and Rochel Danzinger, CKids Shabbaton directors, have plans for the upcoming Shabbaton already well underway. “The children will march down Kingston Avenue as proud soldiers in Hashem’s army at the Sunday parade, take part in the magnificent JewQ International Torah Championship, and have a blast on the exciting trips. The Jewish pride they will bring back home will empower them in their day to day lives for years to come.” 

Not only that, but their accompanying parent/s will be treated to a packed program with inspirational speakers, quality entertainment, and an unforgettable Shabbat experience.

Registration will open on November 21st to all children aiming to join the Shabbaton, giving them the opportunity to secure their spot. Registration fees will only be processed upon fully qualifying through JewQ or Tzivos Hashem.

“Our goal is to ignite souls, one Jewish child at a time,” explained Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos 302. “With this new update, we will reach so many more children, and the ramifications will be infinite. There is nothing more priceless in the world.”

Shluchim and kids can go to ckids.net/shabbaton for more information.

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