CKids Clubs Have Growing Impact On Chabad House Communities

Yomtov programs have made a significant impact on Chabad Hebrew school families by providing engaging and enriching experiences for Jewish children.

Hebrew schools have always played a vital role in fostering and nurturing children’s connection to Yiddishkeit, who otherwise would not have any other Jewish education. In recent years, a transformative program has emerged for the Hebrew School family community with the integration of interactive holiday programming offered by CKids International at Merkos 302.

Dubbed CKids Clubs, these Yomtov programs have made a significant impact on Chabad Hebrew school families by providing engaging and enriching experiences for Jewish children.

Aiming to captivate students’ attention and bring Jewish traditions and celebrations to life, CKids clubs have created innovative programming packages for various Yomim Tovim. Shluchim and educators have invested considerable effort in designing programs that are not only educational but also enjoyable for children.

These programs often include a variety of activities, such as interactive lessons, hands-on projects, and games, all centered around Jewish holidays and customs. By offering a dynamic learning environment, the interactive holiday programming has revitalized the learning experience of young Jewish families.

One of the critical indicators of the impact of CKids Clubs is the significant number of Shluchim who have seen success in using them to attract new families to Hebrew School. Feedback from the hundreds of Hebrew schools that use CKids Clubs shows that an impressive 44% of shluchim who have adopted CKids Clubs report using them as a means to attract new students.

This figure is a testament to the professionalism of the content and the ability to engage and interact with children successfully. The enjoyable learning experience allows the Children to grow in their Jewish knowledge while having fun, which the typical classroom experience could never accomplish. 

“In our community, the tools that CKids provides were a game-changer,” shares Mrs. Devora Lezell of Chabad of Danforth-Beaches. “Many of the local Jews have strong negative associations with the guilt-based Judaism of their childhood. Once they encounter the fun, positivity, and hands-on excitement about Yiddishkeit that CKids Clubs provides, they rethink their assumptions, gladly sending their children to a Hebrew School entirely different than the ones they attended.”

Offering numerous benefits for both shluchim and Hebrew schools, CKids Clubs has shown its outstanding impact. For shluchim, these programs provide a comprehensive and well-developed program, giving them an effective means to expand their reach, engage new families, and maximize their students’ engagement. Hebrew schools can also benefit from integrating the programming into their curriculums. These programs contribute to the overall enrichment of the school’s educational offerings, enhancing its reputation and appeal, which helps attract new students.

The growing number of shluchim utilizing interactive holiday programming demonstrates its effectiveness and impact. Using insight from data given by shluchim, who have integrated CKids Clubs into their community’s programming, CKids Clubs looks forward to perfecting its programs. As the Clubs continue to develop and adapt to the current needs of today’s Jewish children, Hebrew schools can look forward to providing enhanced experiences that will engage their students with seamless integration.

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