Cincinnati Yeshiva Celebrates 18 Years With Alumni Hakhel

Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati celebrated their 18th anniversary as a moisad, with a beautiful dinner for all their alumni. The crowd was addressed by the staff of the yeshiva, and Rabbi Shais Taub, a parent to one of the bochurim who learned there.

Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, under the leadership of Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, has begun their 18th year of stellar chinuch. To celebrate this special occasion, the Yeshiva arranged – through a vaad of alumni – a grand Hakhel Dinner for all of its alumni at the JCM.

With setup and catering by Reb Mayer Kohan, music by Mendy Krauss, and photography by Yossi Fajnland- all grateful alumn themselves-the hundreds of alumni were welcomed by the hanhalla and the Talmidei Hashluchim through the years. Rabbi Eliyahu Simpson, senior maggid shiur who has been with the Yeshiva since its founding, opened the event with Divrei Torah and hisorerus in which he encouraged all the alumni to remain focused on the dreams and goals of Tomchei Temimim. 

The Rebbe’s kapital was said by Rabbi Sholom Baras, the father of Rabbi Zalman Baras a”h, who served as the mashpia roshi in the Yeshiva for many years. The Alumni got all emotional when a video of Rabbi Zalman Baras talking about the Yeshiva was played.

Rabbi Gershon Avtzon spoke passionately about the unique chavivus that the Rebbe has for Tomchei Temimim in general, and specifically the Yeshiva in Cincinnati. He mentioned that ”chai” is the essence of the Yeshiva which instills in its talmidim the idea that “Yiddishkeit is living, the Rebbe is living and our connection to Hashem is living and real.”

After eating the main course, the participants – including the many alumni who joined via livestream – heard from Rabbi Shais Taub, whose son learned in the Yeshiva, who spoke from the heart of the unique Chinuch blend that he – as a parent – appreciates so much about the Yeshiva. 

A special video presentation, about the connection that alumni feel towards the Yeshiva, was shown and then Rabbi Yisroel Yarmak – who was a shliach in the Yeshiva – encouraged all those alumni that are in the workforce to partner with the Yeshiva –  – as a vessel for brachos in the business and personal life.

The hanhalla recognized some of the alumni that have already partnered with the Yeshiva and then gave each participant the newly printed “Shaar Habitachon” as a teshura. After dessert, many alumni stayed late into the night for a farbrengen with the chavrei hanhalla. All left strengthened in their shlichus “Lekabel Pnei Moshiach Tzidkeinu”.

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