Cincinnati Students Make it to Almaty Despite Canceled Flight

Despite their canceled charter flight, Bochurim in the Cincinnati Yeshiva who excelled in the summer learning mivtza, made it to Almaty for Chof Av on a last-minute flight through Tashkent.

Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, under the leadership of Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, continues through the summer with a special Yeshivas Kayitz. Under the direction of the Hanhalla, and the Talmidei Hashluchim, the Talmidim really grow and benefit B’Ruchnius and Gashmius.

The highlight of the summer is a special Mivtza, consisting of learning and shmiras Hasedarim, which enables at least one boy from each shiur – plus a shliach- to travel to Alma-Ata for Chof Av. The winners of the raffle excitedly traveled to New York only to find out that the charter flight was canceled.  

But the cancelation would not stop them. With last-minute travel arrangements by SimpoTravel, the Talmidim flew to Almaty through Tashkent and back to New York through Miami.

“They davened for their fellow Talmidim and for Moshiach for Klal Yisroel,” Rabbi Avtzon says. “It turned out to be an extra-elevating trip as “Lfum Tzaara Agrah – according to the pain is the reward.”

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