CHYE Launches “CH Creative” Freelance Platform

A new online platform, created by CHYE, serves as a matchmaker for creative talent and businesses that need their services. Freelancers sign up to showcase their work and businesses log on to the website to scout creative talent to match their needs.

By Ashira Weiss

As Berri ended the phone call he felt frustrated. He had already stopped counting the number of similar conversations and knew something needed to be done. Whether he met people through his work at CHYE’s job placement program, or on the streets of Crown Heights, the story was always the same. Either they were organizations desperately searching for creative talent to work on their website, Charidy campaign, or event, or freelancers searching for new clients. 

Berri Wolosow knew the people on both sides of the equation. He knew the talent was there, and so were the opportunities, but no one was bringing them together. “There was just this disconnect between businesses and freelancers. They were each searching to connect with the other, but somehow they kept missing,” he says. 

In his words, “Young, creative talent in our community needed a platform in order to grow,” so Berri got together with Yehuda Tanenbaum, CH Creative Project Lead and Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, Director of Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs (CHYE), and they hatched a plan — a freelancer platform that is launching this week. Dubbed CH Creative, the platform serves as a matchmaker, a meeting place for creative talent and businesses that need their services. Freelancers sign up to showcase their work and businesses log on to the website to scout creative talent to match their needs. “The hub is a solution that is genius in its simplicity,” says Mendel Bergstein of Branded Design. 

Though Mendel has been in the graphic design business for five years already, he says every creative can benefit from a hub such as CH Creative. “They’re bringing together a pool of people who speak the same language.” Unlike other freelance platforms, all those showcased on CH Creative have experience working with the Jewish community.

“CH Creative is a centralized hub where businesses and freelancers can meet. It’s like a virtual career fair so neither those hiring, nor those seeking work have to rely on word of mouth,” Yehuda says.

The platform has been in the works for a few months and already many videographers, copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, marketers, and others have submitted their business profiles to be showcased on the platform. “I’m not surprised there’s been such an enthusiastic response,” says Naftali Marasow, New York photographer and filmmaker. “I’m recommending it to everyone I know.”

The website is sleek, easy to navigate and free to use. Every creative has a page that details their expertise and years of experience along with samples of their work. Businesses can easily connect to the talent they are looking for through a direct link embedded on their page directly from the platform via an embedded link. “It is an opportunity for freelancers to market themselves to clients without much effort,” Yehuda says. CH Creative will also help market freelancers by promoting featured talent weekly on their social media accounts, giving them further exposure.

CH Creative is a live platform that will keep growing as more freelancers come on board. It is fully sponsored by CHYE. If you would like to be showcased on CH Creative, or with any other questions, contact Yehuda at [email protected], or 832-280-7031.

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