Chuppa and Kiddushin Course Begins Next Week

The first cycle of the most comprehensive course on the subject of chuppa-kiddushin by Machon Limud Horaah – Lemaan Yilmedu will begin next week, led by Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, author of Seder Kiddushin V’Nisuin.

Many shluchim and rabbanim who handle siddur kiddushin are aware of the complexity of this important subject about which the Shulchan Aruch paskens that “whoever is not expert in the nature of gittin and kiddushin should not be involved with them, as one can easily err.” Despite this, an organized, comprehensive curriculum has been lacking.

G-d willing, next Wednesday, 17 Elul, August 25, will begin the first cycle of the most comprehensive course of study on the subject of chuppa-kiddushin by Machon Limud Horaah – Lemaan Yilmedu. Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, author of Seder Kiddushin V’Nisuin, will lead the course. He will give the shiurim (via Zoom) and will continue to guide the students even after they receive the certificate.

What is special about this program is its depth, with the learning to include all the necessary halachos such as eidus, kesuba, yuchsin, chuppa, sheva brachos, etc. All the topics will be learned from the Shulchan Aruch and nosei keilim and the Machon has produced a new edition of the Shulchan Aruch with beautiful print along with summaries of the nosei keilim and a translation into English.

To download a sample booklet from Shulchan Aruch
To download a sample booklet of summaries
To download a sample booklet of visuals

In addition, to complete the picture, there will be several lectures on important, relevant topics from top speakers:

Preventing Intermarriage by Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov, author of Dear Rabbi, Why Can’t I Marry Her? 

The Depth and Soul of Marriage by Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of Toward a Meaningful Life 

Simple Rules for Happy Marriages by Rabbi Aaron Laine, author of GPS for a Happier Marriage

Upon completion of the learning and passing all of the tests, students will receive a certificate of ordination for siddur Kiddushin by the Ordination Committee whose members are: Rabbi Yochanan Gurary, rav in Holon and author, member of the Beis Din Rabbanei Chabad in Eretz Yisrael; Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, director of Machon Limud Halacha Lemaan Yilmedu; Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, member of the Vaad Rabbanei Lubavitch; Rabbi Pinchas Altheus, member of the Lishkas HaRabbanut in Holon.

As mentioned, the program begins in a week and a few places are left for shluchim or rabbanim who are interested in joining.

For details and to register: or call: 347-201-1565‬

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