Chosson Teacher Organization Holds Inaugural Meeting

The newly founded ‘Machon Taharas Habayis’, to educate and certify chosson teachers, held their inaugural meeting on Wednesday, meeting with veteran chosson teachers and heads of the Tahareinu organization.

Rabbi Yitzchok Melber, founder of the global Tahareinu organization, spent Wednesday morning in Crown Heights meeting with Machon Taharas Habayis, the new organization to certify and educate chosson teachers.

Tahareinu is at the forefront of education and guidance in the world of Taharas Yisroel and they are working together with Machon Taharas Habayis directors, Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov and Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz, to best serve the Lubavitch community.

The meeting took place in the office of the Crown Heights Beis Din and was attended by Rabbi Yosef Braun and some of the local veteran Chosson Teachers; Rabbi Pesach Schmerling, Rabbi Yisroel Fried, Rabbi Yehuda Leib Altein and Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm.

Rabbi Braun opened the meeting by thanking the directors of Machon Taharas Habayis and the Chosson Teachers on behalf of the Badatz. Before the event, Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba also sent Divrei Brocha for the meeting that expressed the incredible Zechus that Chosson Teachers have in spreading Tahara B’yisroel and helping new couples establish Yiddishe homes. The meeting continued with an outline of the various programs that are in the works and the group spent time collaborating and sharing suggestions.

Rabbi Melber then gave a powerful presentation outlining various medical advances and their Halachic ramifications. The Chosson Teachers were able to ask questions and discuss the information covered. “The presentation was informative and packed with readily available resources that can be beneficial in a variety of common challenges,” a chosson teacher shared.

Rabbi Melber and his assistant Reb Tzvi Goldman shared that they are looking forward to continuing to work with Machon Taharas Habayis in future initiatives.

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