Chossid’s Russian Remake Gets a Remake of Its Own

When the Rebbe’s health was improving after a heart attack, legendary Chassid Reb Yisroel Duchman took a traditional Russian melody and added lyrics of his own. Now, it has a remake of its own.

When the Rebbe’s health was improving after he suffered a heart attack, the legendary Chassid Reb Yisroel Duchman put the lyrics ‘Der Rebbe Is Gezunt’ onto a traditional Russian melody. The chassidim danced to this song all night long rejoicing while the rebbe was regaining his strength.

Enjoy this special rendition of Der Rebbe Is Gezunt by Yidi Bialostozky who is joined by Sruly Altman, Chaim Brown, Bentzy Weberman, Shmaya Fischer & Kalmey Schwartz.

Special thanks to the legendary musician Rabbi Yossi Cohen for all his help and for bringing the song to the public.


Lead By: Yidi Bialostozky, Kalmy Schwartz, Shmaya Fischer, Sruly Altman, Bentzy Weberman & Chaim Brown

Music & Mixed By: Avrumi Berko

Choir: Yoel Hersh Fuchs – Yedidim Choir

Cover Design: Moshe Milstein

Digital Marketing By: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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  1. לכאורה אם כבר, זה ניגון של אביו ר’ זלמן ע”ה
    ובוודאי הי’ לפני ל”ח…

    בין כך בנוסח המקורי לא הי’ ”אלע חסידים זאלן טאנצן” וד”ל
    So it’s definitely a remake

  2. וגם הניגון ששרו בל”ח הי’ למנגינת ‘זאל שוין זיין די גאולה”…

  3. The only difference is, that yisroel duchman elevated a song.
    And now they’re just messing up a nigun.

  4. I don’t see what you mean? it’s pretty authentic, the only difference is that it is NOT messed up like most singers would….

    obviously everyone has their own twist, but its a beautiful remake, Thanks once again

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