Choose Any Car in the Lot, We’ll Hand You the Keys

Lev Chabad shluchim support Israel’s hospitalized population. Now, you can help them reach more patients – and win your dream car up to $70,000 in value!

No one should have to be alone during a medical crisis.

The last thing people fighting illnesses want to think about is logistics. Food, housing, childcare arrangements, Yomim Tovim, Shabbos dinners… even the little things become overwhelming when you’re focused on survival. These details can make all the difference in a difficult situation.

That’s where Lev Chabad comes in.

In 21 Israeli hospitals, sick patients and their families know they have someone to count on. Lev Chabad, a network of 23 shluchim operating all across Israel, takes care of everything from hot meals to housing to providing a listening ear and spiritual support.

Now, you can help Lev Chabad grow their reach with 12 new shluchim–and win your dream car in the process!

It’s not a rental. It’s not a lease. It’s the car of your dreams, and it’s 100% yours. 

Whether you’ve been eyeing something bigger, sleeker, more gas-friendly, or better equipped for the snow, you can choose any car up to $70,000 in value. It’s as simple as that!

Don’t need a new car? You can choose $50,000 cash instead!

All it takes is one ticket.

There’s no fine print here; get your ticket, help Lev Chabad make life a bit brighter for sick patients and their families, and win your dream car.

For the next 48 hours, enjoy an exclusive discount of $20 off your purchase of 2+ tickets with code TWENTYOFF.

Head to to win your dream car today!

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