Cholov Yisroel and Pas Yisroel List for Trader Joe’s Published

The “Kashrus: Be In The Know” project, headed by the Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka of the OK and Rabbi Nissan Zibell of the RCF, published a detailed list of items sold at Trader Joe’s that are Pas Yisroel or Cholov Yisroel.

Thanks to the use of modern technology, Kashrus awareness, knowledge of acceptable products and information regarding recommended Hashgachos is available at the click of a button. 

Kashrus: Be in the know has now made shopping at Trader Joe’s much easier by producing a detailed list of Pas and Cholov Yisroel products found at Trader Joe’s nationwide. 

After publishing the lists on social media, the directors of Kashrus: Be In the Know were approached with questions and felt a need to put out a updated list, which they released Monday.

This updated list visually educates customers to be aware that although products may have the same name, packaging, and look similar to products on the list, if it is under a different hechsher than the one specified on the list, it is not Pas Yisroel. Click here to access their updated list.

A fairly new project, Kashrus: Be In The Know, is an organization that was created with the intention to increase kashrus awareness and provide consumers with a knowledge of basic halacha, as well as important information regarding how foods are manufactured and processed. With this information, consumers are able to make educated choices when buying products.

Beginning in Kislev of this past year, there have been several rapidly growing WhatsApp groups for both men and women totalling over 1,200 participants from around the world.

Kashrus Be In The Know provides weekly audio classes given by professionals in the Kashrus field: Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka, a senior Rabbinic Coordinator at OK Kosher, and Rabbi Nissan Zibell, a Rabbinic Coordinator at the RCF (Vaad Hakashrus of central and North Florida).

The classes give over valuable and practical kashrus knowledge in an average of ten minutes. Requests to make this information available to more people has led to their new website that has all past classes archived in an easy and accessible format.

Although the classes are given by Rabbis who both work in reputable hashgachos, and have a depth of knowledge in Halacha as well as the food industry, the classes given do not reflect the opinions of the agencies they work for. It also does not in any way replace asking questions to a Rav. All consumers are encouraged to reach out to their Rav when deciding on personal Kashrus standards.

After much demand and many inquiries as to which products in Trader Joes are Pas Yisroel and Cholov Yisroel, Rabbi Nissan Zibell has compiled a list of Pas and Cholov Yisroel Products sold at Trader Joe’s, to make shopping easier for consumers, especially for those living in areas where Pas and Cholov Yisroel isn’t readily available. The list also includes pictures of every product listed, to make finding these products even easier. 

To view all past classes, log onto

If you would like to join a weekly WhatsApp group:

Men’s Group:
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More about Kashrus: Be In the Know

Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka is a senior Rabbinic Coordinator at OK Kosher Certification and is the director of the TriState / New England Region.Rabbi Hanoka directs and maintains the OK Halachik committee and trains and mentors many Kashrus professionals. He is a sought-after public speaker, both for corporate and general audiences. Rabbi Hanoka is also well-versed in the complex requirements and nuances involved in setting up kashrus systems in large and small manufacturing facilities.Rabbi Hanoka lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with his wife and children.

Rabbi Nissan Zibell is the Rabbinic Coordinator of the Food Service Department at the RCF- Rabbinate of Central Florida. The RCF is the Vaad Hakashrus which services Central and North Florida. Rabbi Zibell joined the RCF in 2016. Prior to working for the RCF, Rabbi Zibell was active in the Kashrus field with various Hashgachos.

Rabbi Zibell’s wide-range of Halachic knowledge and hands on experience when it comes to kosher and its ramifications, make him a valuable asset and an integral part of the RCF’s Kashrus department. Rabbi Zibell’s responsibilities include; setting up, implementing and overseeing RCF certified food establishments in the greater Orlando area and ensuring they are upholding the highest Kashrus standards.

Additionally, Rabbi Zibell delivers classes to the general public on various kashrus topics and is highly active in answering consumers’ Kashrus questions on a daily basis. His practical grasp and application of Kashrus knowledge and his lucid way of explaining halachic matters, allows consumers to enjoy a whole new level of Kashrus awareness.

Rabbi Zibell and his family have been on Shlichus in Orlando, Florida since the summer of 2015.

Kashrus: Be in the know is honored to have these two Kashrus experts on their team helping them promote Kashrus awareness and education.

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