CHK Begins New ‘770 Glatt Kosher’ Line Under Solomon’s Meats

The CHK hechsher has now certified a new line of meats called ‘770 Glatt Kosher’ under Solomon’s Meats, known for premium quality and high Kashrus standards.

By reporter

This past week, the highly regarded meat plant Solomon’s Meats has trademarked a new line of products that will be called ‘770 Glatt Kosher’ and will carry the hechsher from the CHK. The company has plants based in Nebraska, Minnesota, Mexico, and Argentina, and is known for its high-quality products.

The company is held in such a high regard, that Costco Wholesale, known for being particular about the products they sell, has been selling their products in stores across the country. The new trademark for the line of goods under the hechsher of CHK will now make their high-quality products available to Lubavitch customers.

The new line called ‘770 Glatt Kosher’ has been trademarked and is yet to be announced and to publicize which items will be sold under the new hechsher slaughtered by Lubavitch shochtim. This new development will offer a wider selection to discerning Lubavitch buyers. has been informed that, at this time, they will only be producing meats under this line and not poultry.

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  1. Is it just me, or maybe we shouldn’t be using בית רבינו שבבבל as a marketing gimmick to sell hotdogs?

    1. The Rebbe expressed displeasure when the number 770 was used as a gimmick/promotional tool

  2. The Rebbe did not want to people to use “770” in promoting things, etc.

    The answer I saw was too a mosad using the number 770 in a raffle. How much more so using it as the name of a business…!

    1. People are always using 770 kesser the wine has a wine called 770 if you’re going to say something in the name of the rebbe please bring a clear makor

      1. “People are always doing something” doesn’t make it right.

        The Rebbe didn’t want it.

        I will send it to the editor now and hopefully it will be on

        1. There’s pictures of kos shel brocha with kesser 770 wine on the table

          And again it is not true to say that the rebbe didn’t want the numbers 770 used

          The rebbe was happy when replicas of 770 were built

  3. Whose idea is this? When the original Badatz was formed under the Rebbe’s auspices, they created a logo for the Badatz and sent it to the Rebbe for approval and the Rebbe rejected the logo because it looks too similar to the Kehos Logo and people will confuse the Badatz of CH as representing Lubavitch. How do you put 770 on meat to imply that the meat is approved by Lubavitch?

    1. The story with the logo is that the chk used the same shape as the kehos logo so the rebbe rejected using a shape for your logo that is already used for a publishing purpose

      Imagine for instance bais Rivka made their logo looking exactly the same as ohley Torah just with different words it just wouldn’t make sense same thing here

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